The studio control room (SCR) is the place in a television studio in which the composition of the outgoing TV program takes place. Facilities in a Production control room include:

  • A video monitor wall, with monitors for program, preview, VTRs, cameras, graphics and other video sources.
  • A vision mixer or video switcher, a large control panel used to select the multiple-camera setup and other various sources to be recorded or seen on air and, in many cases, in any video monitors on the set.
  • A professional audio mixing console and other audio equipment such as effects devices.
  • A character generator (CG), which creates the majority of the names and full digital on-screen graphics that are inserted into the program lower third portion of the television screen
  • Digital video effects for manipulation of video sources. In newer vision mixers, the DVE is integrated into the vision mixer.
  • A storage device for storage of graphics or other video clips and motion graphics.
  • The technical director's station, with waveform monitors, vector scopes and the camera control units (CCU) or remote control panels for the CCUs.
  • In some facilities, VTRs may also be located in the SCR, but are also often found in the MCR
  • Intercom and Interruptible feedback equipment for communication with talent and television crew
  • A signal generator to genlock all of the video equipment to a common reference that requires color-burst