9Pages Innovation is able to provide complete customized solutions for any kind of studio lighting system e.g. solutions for news, production studios, etc. Our experienced solution managers ensure efficient coordination with lighting designer and consultants as well as specialist contractors for, air conditioning, stage machinery, sound, electricity, in order to guarantee perfect integration off all technologies and timely project completion for total system performance. More importantly, a professional lighting designer have to know the effective use of different lighting instruments and color in creating a perfect design. The equipment used for studio lighting system includes :

1. Light source
Studio lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production studio room, shows, film production and other types of performance events. Therefore, a lighting designer shall identify types of lighting instruments and their uses to satisfy the requirements given by customer.

  • Fresnel Spotlights
  • Motorized Profiles
  • Halogen Cyclights
  • LED Cyclights
  • Soft Lights
  • Fluo Cool Lights

2. Dimmers
A dimmer is a device used to vary the average voltage applied to an instrument's lamp. The brightness of a lamp is proportional to its electric current, which in turn is proportional to the applied lamp voltage.

3. Lighting ControL
We offers a choice of platforms, a reliable, powerful and stable lighting control software to enhance the quality of the light. The lighting controller is connected to the dimmers (or directly to automated light sources) using a control cable or wireless link (e.g. DMX512) or network, allowing the dimmers which are very big, hot and sometimes noisy, to be positioned away from the stage and audience and allowing automated light sources to be positioned wherever necessary.

4. Suspension System
In most broadcast studios, the studio suspension system is quite major part of the lighting system. 9Pages Innovation’s expertise provides an advice towards architects and structural engineers in order to ensure that the building’s design includes the load capacity and structural grid design that allows for an efficient suspension solution. Our solution includes :

  • Motorized Hoists
  • Pantographs
  • Track & Barrel