Outside broadcasting (OB) is the electronic field production of television or radio programmes (typically to cover television news and sports television events) from a mobile remote broadcast television studio. Professional video camera and microphone signals come into the production truck for processing, recording and possibly transmission. The mobile studio control room (SCR) is known as a "production truck” or "OB Van”. Normally an "OB van" is smaller in size than a production truck and generally require two or three people in the field to manage. A typical OB van is usually divided into five parts.

1. Video production area where the television director, technical director, assistant director, character generator (CG) operator and television producers usually sit in front of a wall of video monitors.

2. Audio mixer area where an audio is fed with all the various audio feeds: reporters, commentary, on-field microphones, etc.). The audio engineer can control which channels are added to the output and follows instructions from the director.

3. VTR area or Tape area has a collection of machines including video servers and may also house additional power supplies or computer equipment.

4. Video control area where the professional video cameras are controlled using camera control units (CCU) by one or two operators.